Image result for falseWe have been made aware of a post circulating online claiming that there was a recent (one of many) kidnapping attempt at “Century 3”. 

Post reads:

“Sharing off a friends post about her son: 
My son was almost kid napped in century 3 parking lot by a guy in a black Range Rover with seriously tinted windows. Police think this guy is the suspected south side killer. 
Multiple abduction attempts have already occurred here so make sure your kids aren’t alone in that area.  He parked his car sideways behind my sons and proceeded to get out of his car after he uturned to catch up with him.   I’m glad our community has been made aware of this. #Sarcasm Anyway my son got back in his car and lost him and the police couldn’t find him. So he’s at large.”

The West Mifflin Police Department would like to state that, at this time and to the best of our knowledge, this is entirely false information
No police report relative to a case of this nature has been filed. 
No-one has come forth with a claim that anything like this happened at and “Century 3” related property in the borough of West Mifflin. 
Our IT Department has been working hard to track the source of this post. 

The West Mifflin Police Department communicates regularly and works closely with surrounding jurisdictions who are also unaware of this report. 

We pride ourselves on keeping our community, and surrounding communities informed and apprised of local goings-on. 
If there is anything happening that you should be aware of, be sure that we’ll put the information out there. 

However, if you do have any information relative to the subject of this post, please reach out to the West Mifflin Police Department at (412) 461 0600, your local Police Department, or dial 911. 

Always follow the West Mifflin Police Department on Facebook and at for authentic, legitimate, up to date information.