What's This?

We were told about a local scam involving Apple. 

Resident received a voicemail message from 408 606 5775 – which is an authentic Apple telephone number, likely spoofed. 

Message stated resident’s Apple iCloud had been breached, to not log into any devices and to call technical support immediately. 
Phone number given: 866 987 1891

When the Police Department called the “support’ number (we like doing that), we were greeted by a rep (foreign accent) claiming to be apple support.  Stating that our Apple Devices and iCloud had been breached, and that he’ll need access to our computers to fix it. 

“Support” promptly disconnected when informed that this Police Department doesn’t use Apple Computers.  ?

Telephone numbers such as that shown on the initial caller ID are easily “spoofed” (falsified).  Telling residents to not log into their devices creates a sense of urgency and panic. 

NEVER give out ANY of your personal information to an unsolicited caller on the telephone.
NEVER give access to your computer without being absolutely sure the support is authentic.
ALWAYS verify with manufacturers or your local Police Department regarding the authenticity of technical support calls. 

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